Bicycle Experts

Cycling is widespread in the UK with specialist road, race and mountain bikes all gaining in popularity.

IMG_9510Bicycle technology has improved significantly over the years such as front & rear adjustable suspension, hydraulically operated disc brakes, not to mention the use of high strength, low weight materials such as carbon frames.  These items require professional assessment from a bicycle expert when they fail or following an accident.

Bicycle Crashes

When a bicycle is involved in a crash it is important to have a cycle expert to examine it to ensure that no damage is missed, in particular latent cracks to frames & forks.  We have bicycle experts who, being avid cyclists themselves, understand well how bicycles are meant to perform and how they crash.  They understand what components can be repaired and what require replacement for safety and aesthetic purposes.

Crash App – Advanced Crash Detection System

Crash App runs on your smartphone to monitor your motion as you cycle or ride. If it senses an impact followed by a period of no movement it will ask if you’re OK. If you don’t respond it will send for help and include your location to aid your speedy rescue. Find out more here: Crash App

If you require a bicycle assessor, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0151 342 9961 or click here.

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