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In-house Engineers at Laird interviewed

John's Story

What’s your current job title at Lairds? 

My current job title is ‘Consultant Engineer’.

When did you start working for the company and what was your initial role? – I started working for the company in January 2011. I joined Laird on an apprenticeship as an ‘Office Junior’ completing easy administrative tasks and helping out any and every way I possibly could.

How have you found your career to date at Lairds? – I have enjoyed every minute of it. When I started at Laird I didn’t really know what to expect but everyone is friendly and helpful. From starting as an ‘Office Junior’ I then went onto working within the desktop department completing administrative tasks which I found more enjoyable as it was more engineering based. I then progressed within the desktop department from an administrative role to an engineering role via experience and various training courses. Once I became fully conversant with desktop and industry estimating systems I chose to go out ‘on the road’ and physically inspect vehicles to gain further experience. I currently work predominantly within the desktop department and occasionally go out physically inspecting as and when required.

How would you describe the culture of the business? – Laird is an absolutely great company to work for. All of the staff are friendly and there is a laid back office environment which helps everyone feel at ease. Nik is a great managing director and is always happy to offer a helping hand.

Would you recommend Laird to others as a place to forge a career? – Absolutely, if you are interested in cars and bikes Laird is a great career choice as you deal with them on a daily basis and learn so much about them.

Benn's story

How did you start working for Laird?

I started working for Laird as I came across the apprenticeship  advertisement, I read into what the company does and it looked like a really successful company.  I spoke with my Dad who already knew about Lairds as he also is in the motor trade industry & he advised  how successful Lairds are.   After my interview I was determined I wanted to join the company as it looked like a company that was going to go a long way.

Did you enjoy it straight away or did it take time to settle in?

From Day 1 I was settled in as everyone was so welcoming from my room to upstairs everyone would say hello. The customer journey helped me out a lot with getting to grips with the company’s way of doing things.  I was introduced to everyone in every department which also helped me settle in.

What did you start off doing and what is your role now?

I started off in the in house engineer department doing the admin, this involved liaising with solicitors and repairing garages to ensure the work flow maintained the expectations of the company. I am know moving up the ladder and helping out with the query side of things and I hope to progress in this.

What would you say is the most invaluable thing you have learnt during your time here?

The most invaluable thing I have learnt here are my phone skills at first I wasn’t confident on them but with help from my team leader with phone training this soon helped me gain the confidence I needed to be conifdent and assertive on the phones.

Can you give any advice to anyone looking to get into the motor engineering trade?

Advice for anyone trying to get into the motor industry is always remember starting off at the bottom is not the end of the world infact it’s the best possible way, Its more essential to learn every little step in the motor engineering trade and I think this is key to becoming successful.

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    “Efficient and professional service, Laird can even assist at short notice!”
    (Ref: Christine Baty from the languages department)

    David Inch Morgan Carter Solicitors

    Oct 16th 2017